This Royal Anfield meteor looks bolder than Hunter

After modifying the bike, the shops are developing their game and developing such bold products that look even better than some premium motorcycles.

This modified Royal Enfield meteor looks like a steroid hunter. We saw how innovative and professional some of the houses were after the bike modification. It is very impressive to perform such a complex work to show the meteor in a completely different way. RE Hunter will make its debut in our markets in a few months. So far, we can like this modified Meteor to get an idea of ​​what the Hunter might look like.

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The Royal Anfield meteor looks like a hunter

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The Royal Anfield meteor looks bolder than Hunter

This version of RE Meteor has a variety of configurations, including custom engine protection, individual indicators and pedestals, modified fuel tank logo, license plate and light rear wheel lock, classic graphics, attractive leather bags on both sides, a pizza order Hunter such as a seat with a short tail, functional hoods on both sides, LED headlights and taillights, retro-themed round side mirrors, 32 mm flat steering wheel with a special holder, front fork boots, modified front mud, wide 17-inch front wheels, as well as The appearance of the touring bike with a beautifully designed compact side body panel.

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The resemblance to Cafe Racer or the upcoming Hunter 350 cannot be ruled out. According to online spy footage, there will be a lighter version of the other 350 bikes offered by the upcoming Hunter 350 RE. It focuses more on processing and maneuvering, rather than on brute force and heavy scenes. However, the design is inspired by the DNA of RE bikes with round headlights, rearview mirrors and other bits.

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Hunter 350

According to some reports, the launch of RE Hunter 350 will take place around August this year. Unlike the larger 350 in the RE fleet, the Hunter would be a lighter bike that is more convenient for the city and can be used for everyday use. It is presented as a starting product in the RE impressive chain of heavy bicycles. It won’t be as strong as the Himalayas, but it will strike a perfect balance between the Classic 350 and the Himalayas. How did you like this modified Royal Enfield meteor that looks bolder than the Hunter?

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