This Lamborghini Miura is the best looking Pontiac Fiero

Car replicas have a very rough rap in the enthusiastic community. Of course, this may not be the case if most of them don’t look so rough in terms of fit, finish and proportions, and it’s almost unbelievable because the amazing Lamborghini Miura on top of the Pontiac Fiero chassis is so detailed and accurate.

We do not just say that. Before we talk about the exterior, take a quick look at the inside of the cab. If you are a big Lamborghini fan, you know everything. The center console, dash and door maps are the same as the real Miura.

The top liner on the passenger is also correct, the top control panel with the correct type of periodic three-way adjustable switches. The vast majority of any page you see inside is designed specifically to mimic the original vehicle when mounted on a Fiero chassis.

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Probably the most impressive part of this car is its overall appearance. Of course, this should look good, because the builders have pushed the front cross member and the wheels five inches away from the rear, so that the wheelbase is the same as the real Miura.

The hood can be opened by turning it forward as needed and is equipped with a combined steel that helps maintain the fiberglass shape. The pop-up lights even work properly! The rear engine cover also acts like a real car. There is no four-cylinder or low-power V6 under this panel.

It was replaced by a new LS3 V8 gearbox engine, which produces about 500 hp. (372 kW). Remember, this car has a part of a real Miura and it is a door lock. However, it is configured to activate the switch instead of turning the locking mechanism.

From nose to tip and under each panel, this copy isn’t just good, it’s great. Show this thing to cars and coffee, even the most stupid fan will respect it.

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