This Jeep Compass pickup truck could be the perfect Toyota Hilux Slayer

The Jeep Compass competes with the Hyundai Tucson, but its pickup version is capable of fighting the Isuzu D-MAX V-Cross.

At least in the digital world, SRK Designs has developed the concept of the Jeep Compass pickup version, which fixes the horns like the Toyota Hilux and Isuzu V-Cross. The trend of lifestyle trucks is gaining popularity, and the credit for this belongs to V-Cross. Hilux is based on the great popularity of Fortuner and has no other competitors in space. This digital version shows us what the competition might be like, but Jeep can’t produce anything like that.

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Jeep Compass pickup truck

There are a few important changes in this digital version that look like a natural and proper pickup. The front grille is black to give it a normal look, the skateboard has two red drag loops that are stiffened, the hood is wrapped with black and red graphics, and the Jeep logo is also chrome-plated. There is a lot to say from the side. It includes a pair of functional and large roof rails that are very important for any pickup.

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In addition, the side supports are blackened, the back allows for a practical cargo bed. It seems to have a black cover and an integrated spoiler from an ordinary Compass. Door panels have the characteristics of wrinkles with the usual black coating. The rear wheel arches are slightly smaller and rounded than the front ones. If the tail is not visible, the LED winding taillights are visible on the side.

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Jeep Compass pickup concept.

The main feature of the sides should be sporty redesigned alloy wheels. They are made in a unique style and painted in black in accordance with the general durability of the truck. The dimensions of this digital Jeep Compass pickup are certainly not as large as the above competitors, but they reflect the donor model well.

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