This is more difficult than a motorcycle or a truck can hit

Note: Although no one was killed in the following video, there is a collision that may offend some viewers.

The video starts on your channel and like many of mine. It looks like a lot of great cars are turning from a small road to a big one and leaving the car show. All we have to do is wait for the clown who is driving the Mustang to move his right foot and walk towards the landscape, or turn left and then right and try to catch him. The slide is in front of the soft T-boning of another innocent vehicle coming the other way.

But this video is different. Yes, a few good cars from the 1950s and ’60s turn left at the crossroads, but then the truck starts to do so before it stops in the middle of the road. Suddenly a motorcycle appeared, its lane was blocked by a pickup truck, its speed was too high to stop in time. The bicycle hit the side of the pickup, knocking both the rider and the passenger over the hood of the truck and knocking it to the ground. The impact was so severe that a passenger of the truck was thrown from the right side of the cab.

What did the fool in the pickup do when he stopped? Didn’t he see the bike? When I saw the clip, I thought so for the first time, and you have a chance to think so, especially if you are riding a motorcycle and you know how dangerous drivers can be.

Involved: A McLaren Lamborghini Aventador SV flew into the air after the crash and then crashed into a BMW i8 in a Gumball 3000 in Atlanta.

But reading the testimonies of those who were there revealed that there were many incidents, and it made me think about the verdicts I would make when I saw pictures of accidents every week and did not think there might be factors we didn’t know.

In this real accident, what you may not know by watching the collision for a few seconds is the participation of cars and trucks in the Function 4 Junction cruise event in Junction City, Oregon. The event is open to cars built before 1974 and built in 2003 Registration security guard news site.

Participants in the closed part of the road, exiting the 99th Avenue from the Third Avenue, were covered with barriers that prevented the entry of vehicles in the southern direction, and allowed the parade cars to move only in one direction. According to people at the scene, the biker was in a bar on the street, although he was not drunk, he went around the barricades and climbed up a closed road. According to the type and sound of the bike, it moved very fast.

View of the intersection to the north of the highway 99. Credit: Google

So, as the situation may seem at first glance, it seems that the culprit was the motorcyclist. How many of the thousands of other catastrophic images I have seen over the years have had a similar hidden history? Since I’m not there, I can’t say that I know everything about the collision and why it happened. Knowing the situation and knowing that the truck is allowed to ride, you may ask if he had a chance to see it before he took the bike out.

We also do not know the present condition of the unhappy people in its midst. According to reports, three people were taken to hospital, and interestingly, two of them were passengers in a truck, which was released that night, not two bikers. The third person in need of medical care was a fallen pylon. Fortunately, no one died, so we can be thankful. Accidents happen and we make mistakes for a variety of reasons. Let’s hope these people recover faster.

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