This is an example of a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS “recovery mode”.

Restaurants have become popular in recent years, but this Chevrolet Camaro is a little different. In fact, it can be more accurately described as a reverse restomode.

Available for sale from Post Oak Motor Cars eBay, which is a 2010 Camaro SS, designed to replicate the look of the first generation Camaro. It’s amazing and has a asking price of $ 39,950.

The simple shades of Summit White, which decorate the exterior of the Camaro, are distinguished by Inferno Orange accents, including race stripes running over the hood. It also comes in a set of 22-inch Asanti forged wheels, specially painted to match the exterior of the car and wrapped around the front 265/30 and rear 295/25 tires. The former owner of the car then equipped it with a Linkenfelter Retrokit RS bodysuit.

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This set starts at the front, where the standard bumpers and headlights are removed, replaced with a grille and light array like the original Camaro, and the bumper is redesigned. The bodysuit also includes elongated side skirts and a special back edge with an amazing diffuser and a large lip spoiler on the trunk lid, while the rear bumper has retro-inspired chrome edges.

The interior looks as good as the exterior. Decorates the front and rear seats, door panels and part of the control panel in bright red leather. The black leather on the seat racks, the tunnel in the gearbox and the rest of the control panel helps reduce redness.

The eBay There is no information on the listing to increase the car’s performance, but we do see that the 6.2-liter V8 is equipped with the Mamonth super charger offered by Kenne Bell.

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