This 1993 Rover Sterling may have belonged to Queen Elizabeth II and may now belong to you

The Queen of the United Kingdom and 14 other Commonwealth kingdoms are celebrating their platinum anniversary and the 1993 Rover Sterling 2.7, which may be associated with it, is now on sale through Car & Classic.

The car itself is in excellent condition and a great example of the breed, but its real appeal is the possible connection with Queen Elizabeth II. Although there is no official document that directly links to it, there are some hints that this could be his car.

Delivered in 1993 by Thomas Day Motors Fleet, this business was one of the approved list of car suppliers for Royal Estate. The owner of the Rover Sterling, first registered as L464 BPE, is officially registered as Buckingham Palace.

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There is usually a list of car owners who will be sent to the Royal Estate. Most importantly, the cars previously owned by the Queen were on the list of “Buckingham Palace”. In addition, when the car was handed over to the second owner a year later, it became known that it was “owned by a former lady.”

In addition to the possible royal connection of the rover, he lived a very simple life. The seller says that the British Racing Green paint, glassware, door frames, rubber, alloy wheels and fittings are all in good condition. The 2.7-liter V6 engine, gearbox and brakes were also maintained, and the car was stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse.

“Even if there is no Royal connection at all, this original, excellent overall condition of the Rover would be of interest to a classic car connoisseur,” said Chris Pollitt, editor of Car & Classic. “Modern British classics of the 90s are generally experiencing a worthy renaissance, but this 1993 Rover Sterling will be the highlight of today’s anniversary celebrations and would be the most commemorative gift for his collection.”

If you are interested in trading on this (potential) Royal Rover, The auction begins Sunday, May 29, GMT 11:30.

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