The son of a congressman gets drunk in a car, gets in the car and throws dirty insults

VIP culture is often exposed to the worst situations, and the recent story of a Congressman’s son driving, driving, and hitting a car is another example.

In a shocking sight of an unworthy privilege, the congressman’s son hit and insulted the car and was found drunk in the car. The news circulated in various media outlets expressing concern and stress over the situation. Politicians have been committing such crimes under the auspices of their parents. This latest incident in Madhya Pradesh suggests that he should follow the same pattern, which could lead him to get rid of it.

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The son of a drunken Congressman hit a car

Hukum Sig Karada, a former congressional minister, said his son, Rohitap Singh, was drinking while driving in the video. He also hit a business car on the Bhopal-Indoor highway. Entrepreneurs got out of the car and began to film the whole scene after finding Rohitap drunk. The video clearly shows that he did not know what he was doing or what was happening. On the contrary, he was arrested for insulting everyone and does not seem to be afraid of the police and the law.

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Surprisingly, even after hitting the car once, when people were arguing about it, in front of everyone he decided to hit it 400 meters and drag it. It looks like it has an MG Gloster car and the drink is clearly visible on the center console. Rohitap is completely out of his senses and can’t understand what’s going on around him. People are shouting to get the car keys to stop it. But before that, he hit the already damaged car of businessmen.

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We hope that this VIP culture will stop and that the perpetrators of such crimes will be imprisoned and punished. The situation will continue to deteriorate if these prostitutes do not understand the value of human life and the need to maintain law and order. Let’s hope that the congressman will be punished for driving under the influence of alcohol.

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