This 1990 Honda CRX Si sold for just 12,000 miles for $ 40,000.

With each passing day, we often come across examples of cars that were once sold for a lot of money because they were not well maintained. The latest in this trend is the low-mileage Honda CRX Si, which sold for $ 40,000. Bring a trailer.

The 1990 CRX sold for $ 11,390 in 1990, according to a window sticker, with only 12,302 miles (19,798 km) on the odometer. Adjusted for inflation, this is the equivalent of $ 25,472 today, which means that the car was sold 1.5 times more expensive than it was originally purchased.

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The Honda Rio is painted red and some of its features include tinted windows, rear windshield wipers, a power hatch and a square corner. It includes a factory AM / FM radio with two-color fabric seats, air conditioning, digital clock, CRX floor mats, luggage compartment and cassette player. Nothing has changed from the stock, but the essence of this car is to be just a simple car that is saved against adversity.

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The CRX Si is a 1.6-liter quad, which transmits only 108 horsepower (109 PS / 80 kW) and 100 pound feet (136 Nm) of torque to the front wheels via a 5-speed manual transmission. According to him, the car weighs only 2174 pounds (986 kg), so even if it is not the fastest, it is ready for a very light car, if its new owner decides to drive it.

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