These are the cars and trucks with the highest and lowest wear in the United States

If you are buying a new car in the United States that will keep its value, buying a truck may be the best option.

analysis from Zutobi Three years later, the three cars that best kept their value were Toyota Tacoma, Ford F-Series and Ford Ranger. Tacoma manages the portfolio with an average depreciation of 21.93% over the first three years, which translates from a starting price of $ 28,545 to an average used price of $ 22,286.

The Ford F-Series and Ranger lagged behind, both declining by 24.48 percent after three years. The average list price of the F-Series is $ 39,395 and is estimated at $ 29,753. Ranger starts at $ 29,195 and averages $ 22,049 three years later.

Other cars that work well include Tesla Model 3 (24.79 percent depreciation), Nissan Frontier (25.15 percent), Chevrolet Colorado (25.49 percent), Toyota RAV4 (25.97 percent), Mazda3 (26.31 percent). , Toyota Tundra included. (26.87 percent) and, surprisingly, the BMW X3 with an average wear rate of 27.02 percent.

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On the other side of the spectrum are some cars that are experiencing a significant reduction in cost. In fact, the Kia Sorento, the newest car with the highest depreciation, fell 55.16 percent in three years, down from an average of $ 30,845 on the list to $ 13,831. That’s more than Chevrolet Trax’s 50.31 percent depreciation, down $ 22,595 to $ 11,228, and the Mercedes-Benz GLE fell 48.85 percent to $ 56,750 to $ 29,029.

Many other new cars in the United States lose value after three years. These include Buick Encore GX (47.71 percent), Chevrolet Express Van (45.80 percent), Chevrolet Equinox (44.91 percent), Lexus ES (44.21 percent), Nissan Sentra (43.61 percent), Buick Envision (43.53 percent). cents), while the Nissan Altima was 43.21 percent.

To determine the depreciation rate, Zutobi used list prices of the 100 best-selling cars in the United States. He then used a depreciation calculator to determine the estimated value after three years, when the vehicle traveled an average of 13,500 miles (~ 21,700 km) per year.

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