The vlogger tries to stop Tata Safari with mouse traps!

Some of our vloggers go any length to create a very interesting video. In one of the videos, a famous Rajout Youtuber tries to stop his new Tata Safari with 50 mouse glue traps.

The Internet revolution of the middle of the last decade has connected millions of new users to the network. Not only that, it offered gigabytes of cheap data to everyone, even those with a 4G device. All of this has actually led to the birth of thousands of content creators who are trying to get websites interested. While some of these creators are good sources of knowledge, others are good entertainers who work hard to impress with their silly pranks. Of course, the video we have falls into the latter category. Basically, the author of Youtube in Rajasthan tried to stop his new Tata Safari movement by using mouse traps!

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Tata Safari and Mouse Gates

Such glue-based mousetraps are a proven tool against rodents, but it is logical that they do not work to stop a dead car in their tracks. However, despite knowing the results of this experiment in advance, it is very interesting to watch this video. The video begins with the vlogger briefing the audience on his small experience. It also shows the mouse glue traps that you will use later in the video. To perform this experiment, Youtuber uses its new Tata Safari app. He lists about 50 mouse traps in front of his car and slowly drives his SUV.

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As expected, the mouse traps do nothing to stop the mighty Tata from dying in the way of Safari. While their surface is large enough for supergly rodents, there is very little stopping of heavy and powerful SUVs. The driver successfully manages all the traps placed in front of the car. He then descends and shows how each trap in front of his SUV sticks to the front wheels. He drives a little more and shows how the traps attached to the tires affect the driving experience.

As expected, Youtuber found all the noise from the front wheels very annoying. Finally, he stops and shows that the mouse traps easily came out of the rubber when Safari increased his speed. In total, the SUV traveled 1.5 km, and apparently, the mouse traps could not do anything to stop the movement of vehicles.

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Tata Safari and Mouse Gates

Although it is very interesting to watch this experiment, we recommend that you do not do it in your car. Of course, it was always clear that the traps would do nothing to stop Tata Safari. However, all of this glue can damage the tires of your car. The superclue applied to these substances is very difficult to remove from the surface. Although most of it is cleared of rolling on the road surface, it can cause permanent damage to the rubber. Therefore, it is better to leave such nonsense to some of our content creators.

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