The viral video shows 6 guys riding 1 Honda Activa!

A video circulated on the Internet shows a very strange story of six children riding in a Honda Activa in Mumbai.

An interesting video clip on various social media platforms shows a collection of 6 children riding in a Honda Activa. Most importantly, one of the riders had no choice but to sit on the last shoulder, as the other five could barely fit in a small car. The video was shot on a link in Mumbai, near Star Bazaar in West Andheri.

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“Fukra Panti’s height is 6 people on one scooter”

Legally, a two-wheeler like a Honda Activa cannot have more than two riders, including a user and a millionaire. However, it is not uncommon to see three people in a two-wheeled vehicle. Sometimes you can see four riders on a two-wheeled vehicle. Rarely can you see five riders in a big two-wheeled vehicle like the Royal Enfield Classic. But the amazing thing you can see above is that you rarely see six riders in a small Honda Activa.

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We could still see many soldiers riding motorcycles alone in the Republic Day parade, but in this case, six guys saw this crazy antique in the Andheri West district of Mumbai. Although we do not have very clear visuals, you can still see the child in the black jacket sitting on the shoulder of the last pylon. This video was taken by Ramandip Singh Hora from inside the car. “Fukra Panti’s height is 6 people on one scooter,” he wrote on Twitter. He even marked the Twitter handles of the Mumbai Police Commissioner and the official account of the Mumbai Traffic Police.

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If 5 children can get in a Honda Activa, the sixth child has no choice but to go to the last column!

The automated response provided by @MTPHereToHelp asked Hora for “actual location information.” He replied, “Andheri West near the Star Market.” The video went viral after being shared on an account called “Roads of Mumbai.” The account user even reported the exact location of the traffic violation to the Mumbai traffic police. Mumbai traffic police responded to the tweets by saying that DN Nagar had been sent to the traffic department to “look at it”. However, it is unknown whether the offenders were punished.

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