The Uber Cab is touching the Tata Harrier – you’ll be amazed at what’s next!

Every day we come across some strange scenarios on the roads, but it shows how much people walk, especially when there is anger on the road.

A Tata Harrier driver in Delhi hit an Uber taxi with a baseball bat. An Uber customer who was in the car with his daughter at the time of the incident reported the incident from Delhi. The photos were shared on Facebook. Some people take the law into their own hands and this is often seen on the roads. People are not afraid of the consequences of their actions. Read the details of this horrible act.

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An Uber consumer shares a horrific report on how the owner of the Tata Harrier reacted unexpectedly.

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Tata The Harrier driver hit Uber

According to a post shared by an Uber user (Kavita Malik), the Uber driver, unfortunately, scratched the car on the side of the road. In response, the Harrier driver took a baseball bat, hit the cab and broke the glass. An Uber user is traveling with his daughter from Gurgaon to Delhi. Both were devastated. Such unforgivable violence in public places is not allowed. Harrier driver Sandip Mishra fled the scene after being injured. He not only broke the glass, but also attacked the driver.

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According to Cavita, she and her daughter were covered in glass and were shocked to see such rage on the road. He says he had the least impact on his car, as evidenced by the photos. Although the effect is stronger, in such cases there should be no violence, but a standard protocol should be followed. The time has come for people to get rid of such ridiculous behavior on the roads, especially in large cities around the police station.

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uber cab maruti wagonr tata harrier
According to the Uber passenger, the Maruti WagonR cab “touched” the Tata Harrier at a very low speed.

We believe that such people should be brought to justice. Such actions should be reported and forgiven. This is very important to make our roads safer for people. Even in the event of an accident, the appropriate authorities should be notified and acted upon. If you see anything like this on the road, report it to the police.

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