The thieves stole a new Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 “4 out of 5” from a flat rock set.

Car thieves continue to target Metro’s Detroit plants, and their latest victim was Ford’s Flat Rock Assembly plant.

Michigan State Police said Flat Rock Police told the Detroit Regional Communications Center Thursday morning that four or five Mustangs were stolen from the plant.

This alerted several police agencies and officers from the nearby town of Woodhaven spotted thieves trying to fill up the stolen pony cars. Unfortunately, they fled after seeing that they refused to persecute the police and officers.

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Shortly afterwards, Michigan police officers “noticed the speed of the Mustangs” while standing on I-75. They tried to stop the cars, but were chased. Having to deal with many stolen vehicles, the soldiers decided to pay attention to the stolen Shelby GT500 and follow it until the I-96 ran out of fuel.

Michigan police said the driver pulled the Mustang ashore and parked it to prevent Shelby from “returning to the highway.” This caused “minor” damage to the patrol car, but the driver was arrested without incident.

Some time later, the tow truck driver informed the authorities about an orange Shelby GT500 left on the I-75. Another Shelby GT500 was found by Detroit police, and authorities believe both cars were abandoned after running out of gas. While these drivers are fleeing, detectives ask many questions to the detained suspect.

The theft is just the latest in a series of plant-related incidents in southeastern Michigan. Four Shelby GT500s were stolen from the Flat Rock Assembly in December, and four Ram 1500s were taken from the Sterling Heights Assembly in March. In May, five Camaros were taken north of the Lansing Grand River Assembly.

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