The Tesla FSD 10.12 beta update will make big changes to improve the user experience

The lifespan of Tesla’s Full Self-Management (FSD) beta software has been very difficult. With the exception of a number of accidents that drivers blame, there have been disputes over its design features. Now the new update is aimed at making large-scale improvements and improving the level of confidence in the system itself.

While this may seem daunting at first, imagine a turn with a driver who is unsure if he can make a safe turn. FSD 10.12 aims to solve this problem by more accurately predicting the situation and, among other things, increasing the speed of the vehicle through turns.

In addition, Tesla seems to have addressed a number of key concerns and issues related to the previous version. Phantom braking seems to have been further improved, as the change log says to “reduce false decelerations related to traffic management.”

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This small change pleases many Tesla owners, but the list goes beyond this shift. For example, the visualization of vehicles on the driver’s information display was quite detailed. Instead of simple shapes, most cars have deeper parts.

The cars shown in the display show a number of new features. Tesla drivers know not only when other drivers apply the brakes or turn signals, but also when the doors of other cars are open. Tesla cars used to do their best to get around open doors, but now it’s clear why their car could change lanes.

In general, this update aims to improve the ability to predict what is happening around the updated full self-government. The software can better evaluate near and far things, which theoretically makes it safe and smooth. Of course, there is no guarantee of how safe or smooth it will actually be.

Currently, Full Self Driving 10.12 is only available to Tesla employees, which is currently the standard practice. However, we expect it to be distributed to daily users as soon as possible.

Screenshot of the entire Mars catalog / Youtube

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