Honda Activa 5G and Ola S1 Pro

Here is a classy drag race between Honda Activa 5G and Ola S1 Pro. Both scooters represent petrol and electric motors, respectively. Activa is the most popular scooter in the country. He has been a segment leader for a long time. Ola S1 Pro is an electric scooter that makes a lot of noise in the EV space of the country. Let’s see how these two scooters perform in drag racing.

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Honda Activa 5G and Ola S1 Pro – Drag Race

YouTuber plans to hold a drag race on the S1 Pro with all three modes. In the first operation, S1 is set to normal mode. As a result, Activa can move forward without difficulty, and the space it creates is significant. They will compete again, but the result has not changed. For the third time, the S1 Pro is put into sport mode. This time Ola defeated Activa to the end, and his head was almost on his neck. Sport mode provides more power than Normal mode in S1.

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For the next two actions, S1 is set to the most sporty settings with Hyper mode. This mode has all the power that makes the race boring. Activa was not a competitor to the S1 Pro in Hyper mode, and it suffered a very comprehensive defeat to the latter twice.

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Honda Activa and Ola S1 Pro

Comparison of features

The Honda Activa 5G comes with a 109 cc engine that produces 7.96 PS and 9 Nm of maximum power and torque. The scooter weighs 109 kg and the company claims a top speed of 83 km / h. On the other hand, the Ola S1 Pro comes with an electric motor that produces 11.5 PS and 58 Nm of maximum power and torque. It weighs 125 kg and reaches a maximum speed of 115 km / h in Hyper mode. The price of the Ola S1 Pro is 1.10 lakhs, while the Activa 5G ranges from 48,000 rupees to 58,000 rupees. Tell us your thoughts on this classic drag race between Honda Activa 5G and Ola S1 Pro.

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