The special edition Nezha S Yaoshi EV features lambo-style contrast doors and 456 hp.

A few months after seeing the first photos of the fully electric Nezha S, Tesla’s competitor was officially released in the Chinese market. The company has released the price and detailed specifications of the standard EV, along with the newly released special edition “Yaoshi” sports cross doors.

From the technical specifications, Nezha S is based on Hozon’s Shanghai architecture, which allows it to be offered in full electric (BEV) expansion range (EREV) versions.

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The AWD model is rated at 456 hp. Equipped with dual electric motors (340 kW / 462 PS), they can accelerate from 0-100 km / h (0-62 mph) in 3.9 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 170 km / h. km / h (106 miles / hour). Although the capacity of the battery has not been announced, Neja said it offers a range of 650 km (404 miles) on the CLTC cycle.

reported Car news in ChinaIn the future, the Nezha S will also be available in the form of a RWD with a single electric motor and a CLTC driving distance of 715 km longer, which will reach a speed of 0-100 km / h (0-62 mph) in 6.9 seconds. 444 miles). Further, a range-enhancing version will be added, offering the best distance of 1100 km (684 miles).

Do you want a lambo-style door for your Chinese electric sedan?

We looked at the beautiful design of the Nezha S, but the EV has a bigger footprint than we thought. In fact, it measures 4980 mm (196 inches) in length, 1980 mm in width (78 inches) and 1450 mm in height (57.1 inches), with a wheelbase of 2,980 mm (117.3 inches). These numbers make it look like the Tesla Model S and slightly longer than the Mercedes-Benz EQE. In addition, the aerodynamic silhouette gives a value of 0.216 cd.

EV 999 will be released in a special edition called “Yaoshi”. The most important feature of the Nezha S Yaoshi is the connection of the opposite doors, which is not available in the standard Nezha S. In addition to the Lambo-style doors, the limited-edition running model has a new alloy wheel design with a black brake and green trim. calipers. Buyers can choose from three exterior shades – Magic Night Black, Extreme Night Green and Rushing Silver.

Standard equipment includes LED lighting, a panoramic sunroof, a 13.3-inch cluster of digital instruments, a 17.6-inch 2K informational entertainment touch screen, a third 12.3-inch screen for the front passenger, a main display and 21 speaker sound systems. 1216 W. Later versions of the model are also generous with a set of security with five-millimeter wave radar and eleven cameras combined with two LiDAR sensors (we think they are not available now due to production shortages). Neja’s goal is to provide Level 4 autonomy that can be achieved through future OTA updates.

Nezha S Yaoshi is available for pre-order in China, starting at ¥ 338,800 ($ 50,751). The first deliveries are expected in July. Owners receive 2,000 kWh of free energy per year to charge electric vehicles through the Nezha network.

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