The Sbarro Alcador GTB is five times more expensive than the Ferrari 360 Modena based on it.

Taking a car like the Ferrari 360 Modena and trying to improve it with a bold new design completes only one of two ways. One is that the resulting car will be an absolute masterpiece, and the second possibility is that it will be nothing more than an incomprehensible explanation of what was once a great supercar. We are not 100 percent sure that this Sbarro Alcador GTB really belongs to the second category, but it does not look like a donor car.

First introduced at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, the Sbarro Alcador GTB was commissioned by the Lienhard family and appears to have produced only three models. Thanks to one of these devices, it entered the old car market in Germany While it looks very different from the standard 360, it is much more expensive, with a demand price of 395,000 euros ($ 422,000), which is a very high amount if you consider that used 360s are available in Germany for about 70,000 euros ($ 74,838).

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Distinguishing the Alcador GTB from the car it is based on is a completely new body that bears no resemblance to the 360. The front of the car has turn signals and turn signals, very similar to TVR Tuscan lamps. The unique body continues along the sides where Sbarro overhauled the doors, mirrors and the shape of the glass partition.

The main reason why the Alcador GTB roof differs from the 360 ​​is that the car’s butterfly doors sway. The rear of the car is as bold as the front and sides, it includes a glass engine cover, large air intakes, special taillights, a strangely shaped bumper and four tubes.

As far as we know, the 3.6-liter V8 of the 360 ​​Modena has not made any changes in performance, ie it has 394 hp. (400 horsepower) and 275 pound-feet (373 Nm) of torque.

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