The rear of the Maruti car is a Skoda Kushaq

Almost every day we encounter small collisions on the roads. However, we can draw conclusions about the safety of cars that use performance in real-life situations in terms of build quality.

In the latest event, the tail of the Maruti WagonR will complete the Skoda Kushaq SUV and test the build quality of the latter. Kushaq has not yet undergone emergency testing by GNCAP, which confuses some potential buyers about its construction. But since it is a SWO product belonging to the VW group, it can be assumed that when GNCAP decides to test it in an emergency, it will bring a decent rating. Until then, we need to know its strengths through the negative events on the highways.

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WagonR Kushaq tests assembly quality

The owner of the video shared it with YouTuber, which will continue to publish such content to inform potential buyers about the relevance of buying cars with a high safety rating. According to the video, the incident took place on the Delhi-Ambala highway. The footage was recorded by a Kushaq camera. The driver is seen overtaking the truck when there is a stop in the middle of the lane. As a result, the driver of Kushaq suddenly had to apply the brakes. However, the driver behind the WagonR could not respond in time and hit the SUV from behind.

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Now, thankfully, no one was hurt, because the blow was not so strong. However, the Kushaq is slightly scratched on the rear bumper. The skating rink under the bumper is also slightly affected. But the SUV does not have a big hole. On the other hand, the same cannot be said about WagonR. The hood of the hatchback is wrinkled, the radiator grille is deformed and the bumper is damaged. There may also be damage inside the engine compartment.

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WagonR Kushaq tests assembly quality

This may not be appropriate as a formal test, but it does reflect the type of performance we expect after the Kushaq is shipped for the GNCAP test. How many points do you think Kushak will score in the crash test?

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