The rare Shelby Cobra CSX4000 series roadster is a shining example of American muscle.

The rare Shelby Cobra CSX4000 Series Roadster is up for auction Soft in June.

Although the listing states that it was a 1965 model, it was not built in 1965 and was replaced by the Shelby CSX4000 series in the 2000s when it was released in honor of the original car. Over the years, only 40 models of the Cobra CSX4000 series have been released, and this example is № 29 and one of five with a hand-made, polished aluminum body.

The exterior of the car is really eye-catching thanks to the shiny aluminum panels that highlight every crease and curve of the beautiful design. 15-inch Trigo wheels with vintage Goodyear Eagle Billboard racing tires that complement the exterior finish. There is also a chrome coil and side suction cups.

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This Cobra CSX4000 series Roadster has a capacity of 535 hp. and a 427-inch Stroker V8 that produces 545 pounds (739 Nm) of torque. This engine is equipped with two Holley four-barrel carburetors and a four-speed manual transmission that controls the rear wheels.

The Soft The listing notes that the Baer disc brakes are located at all four corners and the Cobra has adjustable coils. It is also equipped with a Shelby / Dana 44 rear differential and a support and pinion control system.

If you look inside the cabin, you can see the black leather upholstery on the dashboards and seats. There is also a wooden three-way steering wheel and the line was personally signed by Carroll Shelby.

The listing does not show any ownership information about the car and how many miles it has per hour. A little research shows that it sold for $ 205,000 Bring a trailer In August 2020. It was 1,800 miles per hour during the auction.

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