The Qiantu K20 is a Chinese EV sports car that resembles a hatchback

Qiantu Motors has been quiet for some time since the release of the K50 electric sports car in 2018, but the Chinese automaker has returned with a new production model. Like its big brother, the Qiantu K20 is a two-seater sports car with a fully electric power unit, but it comes with a non-traditional three-door hatchback silhouette.

The K20 was previewed in 2018 and 2019 with two concept cars. The latest release model retains the basic shape and dynamic lines of the concepts, but adds styling features from the K50, including conventional lighting fixtures.

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The K20 seems to have a compact footprint with two-box proportions and a short wheelbase. Aggressive headlights are characterized by false entrances, the windshield has a sharp slope and the doors take up most of the space between the wheels. The characteristic curve in the concepts gives the EV a two-tone look with a white face and a silver tail. At the rear, there is a strange-looking rear window with a built-in spoiler and a smart diffuser over the full-width LED taillights.

Inside, non-traditional styling choices continue with asymmetrical climate fans and a very thin central tunnel between the seats that betray the narrow cabin. As usual, behind the two-way steering wheel there is a digital cabin with a cluster of instruments integrated into one panel and an information entertainment system. The copper parts on the control panel and the door cards are combined with gray and white mats.

The details of the power supply are unknown, however Car news in China The K20 reports that it is equipped with a single power unit that allows it to accelerate from 0-100 km / h (0-62 miles / h) in 4.7 seconds. One of the press photos shows instructions for installing a K20 drift rear-wheel drive. Note that the older and possibly more expensive K50 is equipped with twin electric motors, which are combined with 429 hp. (320 kW / 435 PS) and 78 kW battery.

Qiantu has started accepting orders for the K20 in China, with the first deliveries scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2022. We don’t know if the company plans to export the EV elsewhere, but their attempts to bring the K50 to North America have failed. . Interestingly, the “news” section of the official Qiantu website Despite its active participation in shows, it has not been updated over the years.

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