The price of 16,000 rupees is given for the first free service of Skoda Kushaq

Skoda has promised to reduce the cost of service with Kushaq due to the high level of localization, but some strange cases of service cost increase from time to time.

The owner of the Skoda Kushaq was surprised to see a special price for the service when he received his first SUV for free. Kushaq is the first car based on the Indian MQB A0 IN platform, which promises to reduce maintenance and repair costs due to highly localized components. This was the case in many cases, as the cost of spare parts was significantly reduced. However, in this surprising case, the service center was able to give the customer a price of 16,000 rupees when it was technically the first free service.

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The owner of this Skoda Kushaq was surprised when he estimated the first free service at 16,000 rupees.

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Skoda Kushaq service cost estimate

A certain Gaurav Sureka shared an estimate of the cost of the service on the Facebook page of the owners of Skoda Kushaq. He says the initial estimate delivered to him was about Rs 7,000-8,000, but the final amount is more than Rs 16,000. This is especially surprising, as the service is performed over a distance of 14,000 km and should be the first free service. The invoice includes items such as washing, cleaning, wheel alignment, alignment, cap cleaning, fuel tank cleaning, AC disinfection, microbial cleaning, antimicrobial cleaning and engine coating.

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Wages for items such as antimicrobials and antimicrobials are Rs 2,424 and Rs 1,120, respectively. In addition, wheel alignment and leveling costs Rs 1,050. In the end, the total cost of spare parts is 6,153 rupees, and the total cost of labor is 7,684 rupees. GST is added to this amount and the amount reaches 16,317 rupees. Now, it is usually recommended not to say “yes” to everything a service consultant says, as this will significantly increase the cost of maintenance and can be easily done at your local mechanic’s shop.

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Skoda Kushaq service price
Skoda Kushaq service cost estimate

We recommend that you read the user manual before you go to service and only repair / service what is stated in the manual. Also cleaning, washing, wheel alignment, etc. You can save a lot of money if you work at local car dealerships, rather than at official service stations.

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