The previous generation BMW 7 Series on 22-inch Deville wheels is slightly larger

Although the new BMW 7-Series, which was unveiled last month, has attracted a lot of attention, the Cor.Speed ​​tuner has achieved the previous generation 7-Series G11 since 2015, visually updating it with larger wheels and reduced suspension.

The 7-Series was available with a number of rims, but no generation of stock options could compete with the 22-inch Deville alloy wheels offered by Cor.Speed ​​in terms of bling and track availability. Pre-facelift 7-Series G11 (2015-2019) 10-row wheels completely fill the wheels, look unique and will definitely raise some eyebrows.

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The XL size wheels are covered with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S mixed tires, with dimensions 255 / 30R22 on the front and 295 / 25R22 on the rear. Because the wheel profile is so low, we don’t want to drive this Series 7 on poor quality roads, as a small ditch can look like a ditch. In addition, the air suspension was reduced, minimizing the distance between the tires and the wheels.

This unit is more suitable for an exotic supercar than a large luxury sedan, but the owner of this 7-series in Croatia wanted to stand out from the crowd. Interestingly, the car is not equipped with any body kit or carbon fiber attachments, but it is unknown whether it has received any modifications under the hood to get more power.

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