The new Hyundai platform has adopted a sensitive sports theme for a bold look

Launched on June 16, the new Hyundai Venue offers a new styling package in line with its popular sensitive sports design theme.

Hyundai Motor India Ltd, the country’s first Smart Mobility Solutions Provider and the largest exporter since its inception, recently unveiled the new Hyundai Venue, which is scheduled to launch on June 16. The new SUV promises an exciting experience with many new styling elements and a few handfuls. The features of the first segment. The first is Hyundai’s responsive sports design language, which gives a bold new look to the popular SUV.

The parametric grid gives Hyundai Venue a wider and bolder position.

Brave and big face

The new Hyundai Venue has been developed taking into account the expectations of buyers of the new era of Indian cars. In line with consumer aspirations, the new SUV has improved its style by several notches. You can find a lot of inspiration for the car manufacturer’s highly respected design theme Sensuous Sportiness. A few new styling elements will help Vienna with a bold and big face, which will become a great street confidence.

Wider and more reliable position

One of the highlights of the new refreshing styling package is the Parametric Grid, which dominates the front. A constant feature of international bestsellers such as the new era Tucson, the black chrome front grille pays special attention to the width of the facade, thus giving it a bold look. The sliding plate on the flat bumper gives the nose stiffness. The side profile impresses with its well-cut creases and chrome appliqués on the door handles and window line. Stylish new alloy wheels with roof rails give a rugged look to the SUV.

The new back looks as dynamic as the front. The first LED taillights in the segment with vertical design elements give a wider, higher level position to the rear. The LED light strip on the back complements the overall design very well. Like the front, the back has been carefully modified to give a wide and reliable position to the passage. The icing on the cake comes in 7 attractive color options: Polar white, Typhoon silver, Phantom black, Denim blue, Titanium gray, fiery red and fiery red with a black roof.

2022 hyundai venue rear three quarters
Connected LED taillights pass through the back, giving a higher quality, more reliable view.

Overall, the new Hyundai Venue surprises Hyundai with a bold new body shape that fits the world-famous Sensitive Sport design theme. The new styling package enhances the SUV’s off-road presence with stylish, futuristic and purposeful design elements. All authorized dealers and the company’s online platform “Click to Buy” place orders for a new place for 21,000 INR.

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