The owner of Nissan found out that soda is stronger than the previous spoiler

I especially remember being seven or eight years old and going to a school science fair. For some reason, one of the things that really impressed me over the years was the strength of the cylinders.

To demonstrate, the student wrapped construction paper tubes, put them in a box, stood on top of them, and proved that something related to their shape made them resistant to severe shocks. crushed vertically. I’m sure the owner of this Nissan 370Z would like to be at that science fair.

If they had, they would have known that the cylinders were stronger instead of knowing with the front bumper when they tried to crush a can of soda and bend their front lips perfectly.

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The video posted to u / Nicolailie r / Unepected subreddit on Reddit (I think) is intended to show the air traffic kit and how high and low it can move the car, but I guess.

According to one commentator, this short video may be evidence that polyurethane bumpers are better than fiberglass bumpers because they do not break, explode, or bend backwards. We hope that this bumper will return a lot of damage, but this video is also a good proof that some scientific experiments are left in the classroom, not on the front bumpers of our cars.

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