The owner of a Toyota Fortuner has been fined Rs 50,000 for off-roading in Ladakh.

Ladakh police have fined a couple for driving off the road in a Toyota Fortuner on the hills of Ladakh. The couple traveled from Rajasthan to the sand dunes of Hunder village in Nubra Valley. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that tourists have panicked in the desert valley of Ladakh, as a video of an Audi from Haryana driving inside Lake Pangong was posted online some time ago. The local police intervened and fined him.

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Ladakh police fined Toyota Fortuner

According to the video, the couple was coming from Jaipur in the Ladakh region. Near the village of Hunder, they decided to leave the main road and perform tricks on the sand dunes. However, such actions were banned by the local administration. There are many reasons for this. The tourist may not be aware that such actions cause ecological damage to the topography and local flora and fauna. Ladakh has tons of species and clean lakes that can be destroyed by such careless actions.

The incident became known through a Facebook post by the Lech district police.

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Under local law and SDM Nubra’s guidance, the couple was fined Rs 50,000 for damaging the local landscape and violating prohibition rules. There is no need to explain them, but it is necessary to understand that the mountains are pious and beautiful due to their natural landscape and untouched ecology. If people start driving on clean lakes and SUVs, the mountains will soon lose their beauty. We see this happening in many Himalayan villages, which have turned into garbage dumps with all the plastic and waste dumped on the roadside.

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Ladakh police have fined a Toyota Fortuner driver in Jaipur for not off-road in the Nubra Valley.
Ladakh police have fined a Toyota Fortuner driver in Jaipur for not taking off in the Nubra Valley.

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