The overturning of the Land Cruiser showed what not to do while driving on the beach

We’ve seen a lot of images of SUVs drifting or two-wheeled stunts on public roads from the Middle East, but the last one was a Land Cruiser crash off a sandy beach in Pakistan. Trying to show himself, the driver managed to overturn his SUV on the beach, thankfully, did not hit anyone.

The incident took place on Gadani Beach in Pakistan’s Balochistan province and was recorded by several people on their phones. You can see the white Land Cruiser J200 coming at high speed, when the driver tried to maneuver to skate on wet sand. As you can imagine, it is not safe to drive a 2.5-ton SUV on the beach.

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The Land Cruiser is expected to hit the wet sand a little and roll over on its side. A black Toyota Hilux, which was following the SUV, immediately stopped next to him and rushed to the driver’s aid. We don’t know if the Land Cruiser passengers were injured, but they should be fine until they put on their seat belts.

Off-road driving on an off-road beach can be an interesting experience, but this example shows the consequences of careless driving. The driver of the Land Cruiser dangerously approached a group of people gathered to see the trick, and a slight miscalculation can easily lead to an accident. Thankfully, the only victim was the car and the driver’s pride.

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