The Ola S1 Pro side pedestal breaks; The repair will take 3 days

It seems that Ola Electric is struggling to satisfy the complaints of S1 Pro owners, as many quality issues are being addressed.

According to a recently uploaded video, the owner of the Ola S1 Pro reports poor quality of the side scooter stand. It was full of constant problems with the electric scooter, such as battery defects, software defects, suspension damage and, in this case, poor component quality. The side stand of the new electronic scooter seems to be broken and lying on the ground. Worst of all, it took Ola 2-3 days to resolve the issue and return the bike to the consumer.

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Quality clips from Ola S1 Pro

The blue electric scooter can be seen in the pictures of the owner showing a broken pedestal. The incident was reported in the center of Bangalore. However, it took 3 hours for the RSA (Roadside Assistance) to arrive to complain to the owner. This is surprising, considering that the bike was not in the center of the city, but in a remote area. However, he even says that it takes Ola 3 days to replace the broken pedestal and return the electronic scooter. If it takes 2-3 days to replace a small component such as a side stand, this will no doubt cause problems for the owners.

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The long-running maintenance process is the second major problem many Ola owners face. The first, of course, is the questionable quality of the components. Many users have reported similar incidents of new scooter parts breaking down within a month of delivery. This is in addition to the problem of battery fire and the many reports of software errors that have caught many unaware users. It’s time to do something about Ola’s electric scooters in terms of safety, as many experts say the S1 Pro’s performance is great.

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The side stand of the parked Ola S1 Pro was broken and it took 3 days to repair.

If Ola corrects these quality defects and improves the after-sales experience, the S1 Pro could be a viable alternative to refueling. We hope that all the above issues will be resolved soon.

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