Mercedes has recalled 1 million vehicles worldwide due to braking problems

Mercedes is recalling nearly a million cars around the world, some of them in their 20s, to address a possible braking problem.

The affected models are M-Class and GL-Class SUVs and the amazing genre R-Class MPV, made between 2004 and 2015, which means that most of the cars in question will be the first to visit an official Mercedes dealer. decade.

Mercedes says it has detected a possible malfunction in the brake boosters installed on these vehicles and will immediately recall 994,407 SUVs. If the story sounds familiar, we reported in May that more than 320,000 Mercedes SUVs and MPVs in North America had been recalled on the same issue. Now the recall has become global.

The problem is with the sleeve that surrounds the brake booster, which can trap moisture, and ultimately the presence of this moisture can lead to corrosion of the brake booster. This may extend the stopping distance or cause the braking force to be lost in an emergency.

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“Particularly strong or severe braking maneuvers may cause mechanical damage to the brake booster,” Mercedes said in a statement.

Despite the fact that the parking brake works on non-hydraulic, mechanical components and does not affect the problem, we do not want to be able to stop a 5,000 pound (2,270 kg) SUV using just that, nor does Mercedes.

“In such a rare case, it was impossible to slow down the vehicle with the service brake. This will increase the risk of accidents or injuries, ”he added, explaining that the cars will be inspected for corrosion at dealerships and defective parts will be replaced free of charge.

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