The next generation of Tata Safari has the influence of the concept of Curvv

If the next generation decides to inherit the Tata Safari design language entirely from the electric Curvv concept, it could be. Safari is a great example of what Tata Motors designers are currently doing. In fact, people were drawn to Harrier’s style from the beginning. Safari is an extended version of Harrier, which makes it a success. Curvv, on the other hand, reflects Tata Motors’ next genetic design philosophy. But what happens when these two philosophies are combined?

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Inspired by the concept of Curvv, the next generation is Tata Safari

SRK Designs made this combination very complex. First, the digital artist extended the SUV like a 7-seater. The outline of this concept is reminiscent of Safari. The front has a flat and angled LED DRL and a bumper that are visible in the image. The black splitter and skating rink give it a sporty character. To bold the side profile, massive wheel arches with a black coating were designed and filled, which was the main feature of the Curvv concept.

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In addition, the tip of the box represents the large size of this SUV. With black side columns, roof rails and a flat window line with a chrome belt for the same premium ratio, the door handles are becoming more popular in modern cars and there is a pattern of 3D side body casing, which makes such an impression. modern EV. The tail section is also special. The backlight is masterfully crafted and has a sharp rear spoiler mounted on the ceiling. At the lower rear, the bumper seems to have a unique angular design that emphasizes the muscular nature of the SUV.

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The next generation based on the concept of Curvv Tata Safari

All in all, the combination of the existing Tata Safari and the future-oriented Curvv EV is a very interesting thing. Only an experienced digital car designer can achieve this. Tell us that you like this ICE-electric combination.

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