The next generation of Apple’s CarPlay can also host screens for your information entertainment and measurement cluster.

Third-party information and entertainment wars continue, and Apple has responded to Google’s recent announcement to improve Android Auto. The technology company’s information and entertainment system in the car will be improved to get more screens.

The company announced the improvements today at the Apple World Developers Conference, which runs through Friday, June 10. Like Android Auto, the new system is optimized for more functionality and better placement of more screens, whether in portrait or landscape view. mode.

Apple also said that its system can interact with the car’s internal systems and can also receive instrument screens behind the wheel, which is common in the automotive world.

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With these improvements, CarPlay will be able to perform simple navigation tasks. Users can control the air conditioning and radio settings without returning to the car’s home screen.

The iPhone will also be able to communicate with the vehicle’s real-time systems in a device-friendly, privacy-friendly way, Apple said in a presentation. This device displays speed, RPM, fuel level, temperature, etc. through the screen. allows you to specify.

In addition to adapting to different screen shapes, CarPlay will also be customized. This allows drivers to choose standard sizes or modern information presentation aesthetics.

Apple sells Porsche, Jaguar, Acura, Volvo, Nissan, Ford and others. “Automakers around the world are excited to bring a new look to CarPlay,” he said, pointing to the logos of brands such as

The technology company added that this is just a taste of what CarPlay will be able to market with the next generation, and that it will start announcing its availability in cars from the end of next year.

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