The new VW Beetle will cost $ 600,000.

The newly formed German company Milivié has announced its first product – the famous VW Beetle restaurant. According to a number of sketches, the pre-designed car will be built on 22 models, representing 22 million units of Beetle production. One of the highlights is the eye-catching starting price of 570,000 euros ($ 599,511).

Milivie was founded by engineer Jonathan Engler to recreate “extinct German car badges.” What a great place to start with one of the most popular cars in history – the VW Beetle. Each Milivié 1 is based on the Beetle 1303, and the company says the team will spend more than a thousand hours rebuilding and improving all aspects of it. In the end, only the metal monocoque part of the case and the floorboards remain unchanged

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From the outside, the Milivié 1 is instantly recognized as the Beetle, but the original body panels have been updated with clean lines, removing the chrome finish and adding Porsche-inspired parts. All VW signs disappeared and were replaced by Milivie’s own brand.

The custom front and rear wings are wider and equipped with new LED lighting fixtures, the redesigned hood is longer, the curved windshield base is moved forward, the 19-inch alloy wheels have a five-chain design, and there are new devices. door handles, modern door mirrors, a new spoiler on the engine cover and titanium or black chrome-plated double valves.

The chassis is redesigned with front and rear independent double-hinged suspension, double-tube dampers and custom-made springs. The 2.28-liter flat four-air-cooled engine with dual Weber carburetors is redesigned and specially tuned for each Milivié combined with a free-flow stainless steel exhaust system.

Interestingly, power is transmitted to the rear wheels via a 4-speed ZF automatic transmission from Porsche Carrera 2, but it also offers manual mode. The brakes have been updated with new discs of 343 mm (13.5 inches) and light monoblock calibers.

The main feature is a free-standing digital cockpit with dual 12.3-inch screens and custom graphics thanks to home-made software. The dashboard has been redesigned with open storage compartments and piano accents, and the door cards are inspired by the Porsche 911.

The cabin has enough space for four passengers in four separate carbon fiber and heated bucket seats. Amenities include wireless charging, USB ports, a stylish nine-speaker audio system with an intelligent amplifier, dual cameras, parking sensors, automatic lights and cleaners, electronic steering and a new air conditioning system. In addition, each model comes with a custom-made cargo compartment designed by Bill Amberg to match the colors of the cabin packaging.

The company already acceptance of reservations with a starting price of 570,000 euros ($ 599,511) per vehicle. The first model Milivié will be delivered in July 2023, all production of 22 units will be completed in May 2025.

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