The new Buick Envista is a gas-powered version of the Electra-X concept for China.

Buick was outraged earlier this month when he unveiled the stylish Electra-X concept in China. At the time, they said the model was designed to preview the company’s new styling language, as well as to guide “Buick’s next-generation electric vehicles in China, based on the GM revolutionary Ultium platform.”

Now move forward quickly today and we will have an open look at Envista, which is very similar to Electra-X. However, there is a big difference, because the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Envista 177 hp. (132 kW / 179 PS) with a 1.5-liter engine.

This is a radical change and the documents state that the maximum speed of the model will be 127 miles (205 km / h), as well as a free weight of 3,120 – 3,164 pounds (1,415 – 1,435 kg).

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Returning to the design, the Envista is a stunning crossover coupe equipped with slim headlights on either side of Buick’s modernized three-panel sign. Further down there is a large entrance with horizontal chrome stripes surrounded by chrome “whiskers”.

Other noteworthy features include the plastic case casing and the shattered windshield that leaks into the sloping roof. The model also offers 18-inch alloy wheels and a stylish back with slim taillights. We can also see a sporty GS version with a panoramic glass ceiling and a black accent.

The crossover coupe measures 182.6 inches (4638 mm) in length, 71.5 inches (1816 mm) in width and 61.6 inches (1565 mm) in height with a wheelbase of 106.3 inches (2700 mm). The latter figure is similar to the upcoming Chevrolet Seeker and the two models seem to be closely linked, as they have the same power and higher speeds.

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