The Mercedes CLK Hot Rod is interesting on paper, but not so great in real life.

It is not difficult to come across some interesting custom constructions when reviewing individual online car sales. However, this W208 Mercedes CLK is on eBay Styling like a hot stick can be one of the strangest things we’ve ever seen.

The lower half of the front is not the worst, but again it is the closest part of the car to the original design of the Mercedes. Rectangular headlights remain, but instead of switching to a channel hood, they fall on special pontoon shields. As you go back and forth, the car becomes more and more tense.

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The entire original body now sits separately on top of the frame, which makes the car unnecessarily tall to strive for the proportions of the 1930s, but it doesn’t work. The shape of the DIY mesh is incorrect, the tip suction is not aligned, and the special running plates are visible on the outside (but the side suction suction works well).

Then there is the question of the back itself. For starters, the rear windows are closed in favor of the two small openings at the top, but we have to imagine this as a bit of a controversial issue, as the rear of the car is very aggressive, so the Camaro looks good. . Then there’s the special trunk area, which tries to replicate the look of hot sticks before World War II, but it’s not so bad when viewed alone.

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When you focus on the CLK’s awkwardly large rear wings, this really gets worse, as their height is almost like a tire and takes up half of the side body. Although the rear wheels and tires are tow-style installations, the fronts still have a factory circular design. In the end, despite all the efforts from the outside to make this car look like a hot rod, the interior remains unchanged from the warehouse.

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