The leopard gets stuck in Maruti Celerio and is finally released

Indian highways are known for being dangerous with unpredictable obstacles and components.

A recent online video shows a leopard hanging from the front grille of a Maruti Celerio on the highway. Indian highways are famous for their famous adventures in which wildlife is part of the ecosystem. Unfortunately, they cause accidents. This is due to the fact that the highways do not have proper crossings or crossings for wildlife, and they often cross the road, causing difficulties for drivers. This is a good example.

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The leopard got stuck in Maruti Celerio

The narrator in the video says that the details of where the incident took place are not clear. Still, it looks like a prominent highway. You can see that the leopard is stuck in the front net and can’t get out. However, he looks healthy and active as he tries to escape from the car. Thus, he was not seriously injured in the accident, which is great. YouTuber also confirms that the passengers in the car are safe. If this does not happen, we hope that the road authorities will consider ways to facilitate the proper passage of animals.

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Maruti Celery

The previous generation Maruti Celerio hatchback came with a 1.0-liter gasoline engine with 67 horsepower and 90 Nm. It’s a K10C that replaces the old device, but like the engine that powers the old model, it’s also available with 5-speed MT and AMT. Also, the new generation Celerio – the best petrol mileage in India, the VXI AGS version officially offers a star of 26.68 kmpl. There is also a CNG version of the Celerio, which has a 56 hp. and 82 Nm for maximum power and torque. In addition, the current price of Celerio in the former showroom ranges from 5.25 varnish to 7.00 rupees.

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The leopard got stuck in Maruti Celerio

Although the passage of animals on highways is unfortunate, we can contribute to the promotion of road safety by complying with traffic rules. The most dangerous accidents on the roads can be prevented if a person drives too fast and follows the rules of the road.

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