The latest teaser of the VW Amarok focuses on its smart headlight technology

The development of a new generation of Amarok continues, Volkswagen has released more teasers for pickups. The latter is a short video focused on Amarok’s additional matrix LED headlights, which uses the company’s IQ.Light technology.

VW calls the new Amarok a “premium pickup”, a term that should be based on design and equipment. In this sense, all Amarok finishes come standard with LED headlights, but the more expensive finishes further enhance it with IQ.Light matrix LED technology, as in the rest of the VW range.

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The teaser reveals the graphics of the Amarok headlight, which are magnified by computer-generated visuals to display the countless LED lights inside. Other features include oncoming traffic, streetlights or traffic lights, turn signals, and, of course, an automatically dimmed long beam that adapts to the DRL surrounding the clusters.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles promises to bring more technology to the Amarok LCV segment. It has previously confirmed more than 30 ADAS, leather surfaces with 10-way electrically adjustable seats, a cluster of digital instruments, an exclusive sound system and decorative stitching. We suspect that most of these features will be shared by the mechanical Ford Ranger.

In addition to mocking the design, the VW has officially confirmed that the engine range includes one petrol and four diesel variants with a capacity of 2.0 liters to 3.0 liters and up to four or six cylinders. They are combined with RWD, AWD on demand or permanent AWD layouts.

The collection includes a beginner Amarok, mid-range Life and Style, as well as two flagship finishes – SUV PanAmericana and road-oriented Aventura. We also know that the new Amarok will be 5350 mm (210.6 inches) long, which will be offered in the market in four-door double cabs or two-door single cabs.

As we get closer to our official debut, which is scheduled for the end of 2022, we will learn more about the new generation of VW Amarok.

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