The Kia Stinger works “exceptionally well” in Australia, despite reports that it has been discontinued

We’ve read so many reports of Stinger’s death that we feel like life is over for Kia’s halo grand tour. However, sales of the model are strong in the Australian market, and local leaders are committed to it.

Asked if Kia Australia’s chief operating officer, Damien Meredith Stinger, could be suspended, he said: no, so we are happy to have a great car now and it is doing very well in the market. ”

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reported CarExpert, Kia Stinger’s Australian sales rose 53.3 percent this year after an impressive 203.8 percent increase in April. The flagship Stinger GT accounts for more than 90 percent of sales, making it the only rear-wheel drive sports sedan from a major local automaker (rival VW Arteon – front-wheel drive).

While Kia Australia will of course like the new generation of Stinger, this is unlikely to be the case due to the slow sales of the board in other markets. In the United States, the model sells about 13,000 units a year, in China it has been discontinued, and in Europe it has always been considered a niche product.

The first reports of Kia’s ax to Stinger appeared in 2020 and lasted until 2021. Last year, Kia’s chief design officer, Karim Habib, added that the EV6 could be considered Stinger’s spiritual successor. Recent reports suggest that Stinger production will be completed in the second quarter of 2022, while others say it will be available by 2023. The latter scenario seems appropriate for a model who debuted in 2017 and changed her face in 2020.

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