The Karnataka Forest Authority chooses Gurkha to replace Mahindra Tar

In an interesting event, the Karnataka Forest Department added 4 new Force Gurkha SUVs to its fleet. Now Gurkha’s capabilities do not need to be introduced. It has been in our market for a long time. The sophisticated SUV community considers the SUV to be very capable and to the point that it is as popular as the famous Mahindra Tar. There are no other products in the segment other than these two.

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4 Force Gurkha SUVs have been added to the fleet of the Karnataka Forest Department.

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Karnataka Forest Management buys 4 Force Gurkha SUVs

According to the Gurha Club’s Facebook page, the Forest Department at the Collegiate in the Chamarazhnagar district. Bought 4 new gurkas in Karnataka. Now, as you know, the Forest Department needs 4 × 4 and sturdy vehicles as part of its work. They are constantly forced into the jungle, where roads are scarce. This means that no ordinary car can succeed in such harsh conditions. The section that chose Gurkha is a testament to the capabilities of its ports. The SUV is strong, powerful and utilitarian, which is needed in difficult situations.

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Force Gurkha 91 a.c. and comes with a single 2.6-liter diesel that produces 250 Nm of maximum power and torque. This engine is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. There are many off-road features such as front and rear differential locks and 4 H and 4 L gearbox settings. This off-road environment will overcome almost all the difficulties that it brings you. Gurkha comes in a fully loaded version, which costs 14.49 varnish, the former exhibition hall.

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Karnataka Forest Management Gurha
Karnataka Forest Department purchased 4 Force Gurkha SUVs

Compared to the competition, the Mahindra Thar is 1.50 lakh cheaper than the former Thar diesel showroom at Rs 16.03. The off-road lifestyle theme in India is slowly gaining popularity, especially with new products like the Mahindra Thar, Isuzu V-Cross and Toyota Hilux. Although the latter two belong to the more expensive side of the spectrum and are lifestyle trucks, Gurkha and Tar are your only option if you are looking for a sturdy and capable SUV.

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