The interest in the aria is so great that Nissan has stopped new orders in the United States

Nissan’s first major breakthrough in the all-electric car market since its inception and orders have now become popular as it closes. Delivery of the new Ariya crossover will begin in the US later this year, but if you’re thinking of ordering it yourself, it’s time and it’s over.

This is not the first time that Nissan has stopped ordering in this way. Ford stopped ordering the F-150 Lightning before delivery began. It did the same for the Mustang Mach-E, and even Tesla and Volkswagen were impressed by the long-overdue order books.

This was stated by Nissan CEO Ashwani Gupta Car news “Every customer wants it, and we don’t want customers to wait … The aria has been so well received around the world, even in the United States, that we’ve had to ask our customers to stop ordering.” The homepage on the Nissan website has confirmed that consumers will no longer be able to order through this portal.

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Of course, it should be noted that the Aria does not seem to be sold in large quantities in some of the above cars. Nissan did not say how many units will arrive in the United States, but many suspect that the total number is less than 10,000.

For comparison, the F-150 Lightning stopped booking only after receiving 200,000. When that happened, Ford said the order books would reopen in the future for the next model year. We have not yet received any information from Nissan about when the next batch of order books for Ariya will open.

The crossover is already being manufactured at Nissan’s Tochigi assembly plant north of downtown Tokyo. In fact, the Japanese market has already benefited from the 1,500 units available to consumers. Production problems caused by a lack of parts were due to the slow pace.

Nissan originally planned to release the Aria in the United States at the end of last year. It said travel restrictions due to COVID also played a role in slowing production, as supplier engineers were unable to travel to Japan to confirm installation and operation.

Have you ordered a Nissan Ariya, or do you have to look at another car because these order books are closed? Let us know in the comments below!

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