The Honda NSX, prepared for the track, is a retro racer of our dreams

The original Honda NSX is widely known as one of the best driving cars of all time, with the approval seal of the legendary F1 driver Ayrton Senna, so it makes sense that people have turned these mid-engined sports cars into track weapons. The same is true of the NSX, which has many modifications to make it ready for the track.

For sale Ecker Honda, The 1991 Honda NSX has only 10,000 km (6,214 miles) on its odometer. The first thing you’ll notice about the car is the front splitter, fan cover, side skirts with air intakes, rear wing, diffuser and under the hood.

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You can also see the forged Volk TE37 forged aluminum wheels, which are drilled on the outside and support Tarrox 6 piston brakes with grooved rotors. The new suction system, lightweight accumulator and adjustable race suspension are less visible. It is also said that Honda has an “air lift system”, which can be assumed to be the air slot that we only find in many racing cars. For strangers, these are pneumatic cylinders built into the car’s frame that lift it off the ground to stop it quickly. Inside the car there are Momo bucket seats, roller grille and OMP steering wheel.

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Under the hood, NSX modifications are as wide as anywhere else. Upgrades include an oil cooler, a new radiator, an oil accumulator, a gearbox cooler and an auxiliary fuel pump with a pressure regulator. The 3.0L V6 was originally designed for 270 hp. (274 PS / 201 kW), but thanks to these upgrades, the car now pushes the healthy 335 (340 PS / 250 kW) on the rear wheels with a 5-speed manual. give up.

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