The high-performance Ferrari SF90 has been tested with the new Hypercar Mule

After pushing the bottom of a group of cars like the 296 GTB, Ferrari is now testing two high-performance mid-engines in the Alps.

The first model has recently become a tool of spy photography. Given Ferrari’s antipathy to confirm the rumors, there are still many questions around it, but we can assume that this is a high-performance version of the SF90.

Ferrari repeats what it did for the 488 Pista and 812 Competizione and gives the SF90 a surname (possibly Versione Speciale), power and track-oriented behavior. It’s not clear how this will be done, but the extra cap on the front indicates that the company is working on something.

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It would also be thought that the Ferrari SF90 will include a wick in the hybrid power circuit. At present 986 hp. Thanks to the combination of an electric motor and a gas motor, which is considered to be (735 kW / 1000 PS), the automaker can squeeze more to push the (non-metric) horsepower levels. four digits.

The second mule you see here is very similar to the last LaFerrari made in 2018. While there are a few subtle differences between this mule and the former hypercar, it’s unclear exactly what Ferrari is testing here (a LaFerrari successor, perhaps?).

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The car had previously been tested with stickers indicating that it was electrified in some way. This may suggest that it will be a hybrid power unit Autoexpress In March, Ferrari announced that it was working on a naturally aspirated V12 supercar aimed at weight loss.

It should be noted that the automaker is also working on a hybrid hypercar for the LMDh endurance race category. It may be just a driven mule, but it is unknown whether the company will test it on public roads.

The Ferrari SF90 Versione Speciale (or whatever it is called) is expected to be unveiled in September. Unfortunately, we have to wait to learn more about other vehicles.

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