The gas station manager was fired for typing $ 0.69 instead of $ 6.99 per gallon.

Gas prices in the United States have reached unprecedented levels in many places, so when car owners in Rancho Cordoba, California, saw a gas station that sells high-quality gas for just 69 cents a gallon, they took advantage of the opportunity. However, if something seems too good to be true, it usually happens, and so it was in this case where the employee lost his job.

Shell station manager John Shchetsina accidentally put a decimal point in the wrong place in the price, leading to the sale of gas for $ 0.69 instead of $ 6.99. “Well, I made a mistake, you know,” Szczecin said KOVR 13 channel news. “I put all three prices there except for diesel, but the last one didn’t work, you know.”

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The mistake cost the gas station $ 16,000, prompting the Szczecin family to open a GoFundMe page to return it. The campaign raised just over $ 24,000 and hopes the station will calm down if the family decides to sue. According to Craig Simmermon, a lawyer, the gas station is unlikely to sue for such an incident.

Simmermon told KOVR: “The only way for him to be held accountable without a written agreement is if he acted outside of his job.” “For example, if his boss says, ‘No matter what you do, never set a price for this gas pump,’ he did it.”

Currently, Szczecin is looking for a new job and has filled out 10 different applications for employment.

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