The former owner of this unique Porsche Carrera GT will repeat it in a red Ferrari.

Ferrari and Porsche may be competitors, but this Carrera GT has direct painting from the Maranello catalog.

This Carrera GT is painted in a simple black shade from the factory. However, when its owner delivered a finished Ferrari LaFerrari in Rosso Fuoco, they decided to take off the exterior of the Porsche and decorate it in the same red color.

The duPont Registry The list of cars says that the duplication was made by the expert of the winning cars Carosseri and cost six digits. In addition to giving the Carrera GT a new shade of paint, Karosseries has replaced all bolts, seals and any other items that were not in new condition at the factory.

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Painting a beautiful car like the Carrera GT in Ferrari color may seem like a strange choice. However, in our opinion, the resulting finish looks great and perfectly complements the sexy design of Porsche. It definitely overcomes the black paint and gives the car a special appeal. Will the new paint increase the resale price of the car? It’s hard to say.

Although extensive work has been done on the exterior of the car, the interior remains in its warehouse specification, ie it has black leather that decorates the bucket seats, steering wheel, door panels and control panel. It also has various open aluminum accents and a carbon fiber replacement handle.

Interestingly, the listing does not indicate how many miles he traveled under the car’s belt, but given the perfect condition of the cabin, we doubt that he did not drive much and was well cared for and cared for from that moment on. he left the production line.

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