The flooded road swallowed a Honda Activa with passengers

The pre-monsoon season is approaching, and with it, the possibility of road ventilation and drainage will open every year.

Two passengers in a Honda Activa fell into a ditch in the middle of a flooded road in Aligarh, UP. The pre-monsoon season has arrived and sewerage systems are opening in various cities across the country. Unfortunately, every year we experience such terrible road accidents and tragedies. But the condition of our streets is still the same. Here are the details of this latest story.

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Gulpes Honda Activa passengers drowned

The news report was uploaded to YouTube along with a video captured on video surveillance at the scene. A police officer tried to park the Activa on the side of the road. His wife was riding with him. However, the streets in the area were flooded after the rain. As a result, many two-wheeled vehicles stopped in many parts of the city. The water on the roads was so high that it was impossible to see the road. The same thing happened with the riders.

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The video shows the bike hitting an obstacle and then swallowing a hole in the ground full of water. Thankfully, the bottom was not too deep, and two passengers were able to stand in the water without any injuries. Those who saw it immediately took action and pulled the couple out of the water. However, this incident shows that the administration is ready to deal with such situations during the monsoon season.

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The flooded road engulfed Honda Activa passengers

We advise our readers to be especially careful when driving in such a situation. First of all, if there is so much water on the road, the car should not be taken out. Circumstances can be very dangerous not only for the car, but also for you. During the monsoon season, do not try to drive your car to unfamiliar places. If you are, but you do not see the road in front of you, drive very slowly. Be safe and slow – the mantra of passing through the monsoon rain.

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