The first bulletproof Toyota Fortuner Legender

Prominent people have to go too far for their protection, which requires such measures.

Take a look at India’s first bulletproof Toyota Fortuner Legender. The requirement to make the car bulletproof is especially common in political circles. It can be considered as an occupational hazard. In self-defense, many politicians and other VIPs turn their cars into a wall of weapons. To make it unique, let’s check out the special settings of these Legends.

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Bulletproof Toyota Fortuner Legender

This Fortuner’s journey was organized by the famous YouTuber. In its channel it considers many modifications to different cars. But he is happy to enter this Toyota Fortuner Legender, which belongs to a special person who is not allowed to be named. However, the title of the video contains the word “Prime Minister”, but we do not know to which CM this armored SUV belongs. On the surface, there are no significant aesthetic changes that distinguish it from the stock model. But when you open the door, you are amazed.

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The glass in the windows is thickened for shooting. To do this, there is an extra rubber to hold it in place. Inside the door panels there are metal sheets. Fiberglass and metal sheets make the door very difficult to operate. A similar procedure was performed on all windows, including the windshield and all doors. At the back, the cargo lid opens and shows a black metal box wrapped in black material. Metal sheets and fibers prevent bullets from entering the cabin. Including this heavy box, the luggage area is short.

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The first bulletproof Toyota Fortuner Legender in India.

The underside of the SUV is also covered with a thick protective layer that can withstand small explosions. After entering the cabin, the sounds from the outside disappear, as the car is completely closed. Thanks to these devices, the total weight of the car is 1500 kg. In the warehouse configuration, the SUV weighs about 2,200 kg. The extra weight has a big impact on the ability to drive and control SUVs. YouTuber shows this by braking the car in the parking lot, which allows it to move back and forth. Tell us how you feel about the first bulletproof Toyota Fortuner Legender in India.

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