The Cadillac flagship Celestiq electric sedan will be released next year

This event was revised and updated on June 8, 2022 with new teaser photos and information.

Cadillac offers us another look at its upcoming flagship CELESTIQ electric sedan with a second drop of teaser images that preview some of the details of its hand-crafted ‘show’, including a sharp-looking front panel and lighting signatures.

CELESTIQ “From unique proportions and a new weak, complex shape language to attention to detail and detail, CELESTIQ is like nothing on the road today,” said Magali Debellis, Cadillac Branded Advanced Design Manager. “CELESTIQ has been designed to recreate the ‘World Standard’ since its inception.”

These latest photos from the show – the manufacturer says of each production model – were taken more than a year after Cadillac mocked the high-performance, ultralux sedan for the first time, previewing its full glass roof and large, free-form display. the entire width of the control panel

At the time, the GM roof was not always clean, but Celestiq said it would be the first vehicle to offer smart glass with suspension parts. In addition, it is divided into four quadrants to allow each resident to choose their own shade level. Suspended glass sandwiches small pieces between two glass panes. They can transmit an electric charge, which scratches all the dark particles and makes them more or less transparent.

And this shade will be important to keep all the screens in Celestiq bright. Not only is the screen in front of it stretching from one end to the other, but the Cadillac is also designed for rear-seat passengers. At the back there are their own entertainment screens for passengers, as well as a small screen between them to control the comfort setting.

Cadillac adds that Celestiq has a “choice of handmade materials.” There may also be an ordering option that allows customers to create their own Celestiq.

Whatever materials they choose, the car will be built on the GM Ultium platform. Because it is not as large as the Hummer, reports suggest it can travel at least 400 miles. It also allows 350 kW fast charging, all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.

The design, which reflects some of the design language, such as Lyriq, was originally conceived as a combustion engine vehicle. But with the advent of the Ultium platform and the desire to be the EV leader of Cadillac GM, it was redesigned as an EV.

According to Brian Smith, Cadillac’s director of design, if we know little about design, it will be a hatchback with a “polarized” silhouette. Wherever you fall in love, Cadillac wants you to be amazed. Although GM did not give a specific date, there are rumors that Celestiq will debut in 2023, a year after Lyriq.

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