The Cadillac Celestiq concept will unveil its interior before July

The Cadillac Celestiq is becoming the flagship sedan without a hitch, and the company has now given us an inside look at the upcoming concept.

While not much to see, the concept offers perforated leather seats sewn with a red accent and a metal insert under the headrests. Elsewhere, there are stylish speaker grilles and a lighted finish similar to those found in Lyriq.

Teasers also show what looks like a full-length center console with a screen that rises from a high platform. We can also see the rotary controller and S-Class-style seat controls. The company also said that the model will have a “column-shaped display”.

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The automaker has kept the details secret, but said the concept was taken from Cadillac’s 120-year legacy to set “new standards of excellence and technology.” The company described the interior as “open and spacious”, “careful details in a clean advanced design”.

Tristan Murphy, Cadillac’s interior design manager, added: “The Celestiq exterior and interior are designed together to show a holistic view of what American luxury is all about. With Celestiq, we have created an even higher level of craftsmanship that allows you to add a beautiful sense of movement through the cabin.

The company joked about its appearance earlier this month and promised that it would “definitely be a Cadillac, but with a modern edge.” In addition to special lighting fixtures, the model has a simplified design and large seven-way wheels. Interestingly, the car has a “smart glass” roof divided into four squares, so each passenger can individually adjust the transparency of the roof over their seats.

The Celestiq Chevrolet Blazer is hand-assembled at Warren Technical Center on the basis of the Ultium platform, which is based on everything from EV to Cadillac Lyric and GMC Hummer EV. The “unique, ultra-luxury car” is expected to have a six-digit price and the concept will be presented in late July.

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