The abduction victim draws the attention of the police by deliberately creating traffic rules

Some quick thinking and breaking the rules of the road can save a Florida person’s life.

according to Martin County Sheriff’s OfficeThe man of Port St. Lucy, proud of the success of the online dog breeding business, inadvertently set a target on his back.

The record was seen by a group of thieves who went to the victim’s home and “demanded a large sum of money”. After nearly two days of fear, the thieves abducted the man and forced him to flee.

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As fate would have it, the victim decided to distract the members of the anti-crime group by deliberately violating traffic rules. It worked, but the deputy did not know what was happening and tried to warn the driver.

This left the victim with a “hopeless look” and he “gestured in the hope that the deputy would raise his fears.” Fortunately, the deputy noticed that something was missing and asked the man to get out of the car to talk.

The man is now safe, he explained his situation to the deputy and three suspects were arrested. After the investigation, detectives checked the victim’s report and “confirmed that this is a really stupid theft.”

According to the agency, during a search of the car, deputies found “guns, knives and large sums of money.” The suspects now face a number of charges, including kidnapping, violence, burglary, false imprisonment and perjury. They were also charged with giving false names, keeping a controlled item and carrying a firearm without a license.

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