The 1998 Dodge Viper GTS put up for auction has two turbochargers, almost 900 HP and no backup.

The American sports car market still has several models, such as the Corvette and Mustang. Recently, Dodge Viper took the stage and helped elevate the segment, and this classic model is a great example of how cruel it can be. With turbochargers and support modes, it produces about 900 hp. (671 kW).

available at Bring a trailer, this 1998 Viper GTS looks like a lot more stock from the outside. Of course, the exterior design of the Viper is very extreme compared to almost all of the past. It is already a bright attraction that turns heads without much difficulty.

This is a real example that this car has so popular racing lanes. Although many people easily remember the combination of blue and white, the silver and black found in this car still looks great. The short video in the listing allows us to hear that the 8.0-liter V10 is hiding under this case.

Hardcore Viper fans may have noticed that the sound of this engine is quite different and this is partly due to the Garrett GT3582R turbochargers. They are supported by Oliver Racing connecting rods, special fuel rails and T&D Machine Products roller rockers, and a complete Corsa release system ensures optimal flow.

According to the dinograph on sale, this Viper is 891 hp. (664 kW) and 917 pound feet (1241 Nm) of torque. Remember that the original car had only 450 horsepower (335 kW) and 490 pound feet (663 Nm). In fact, it is 645 hp. (480 kW) and 600 pound feet (812 Nm), more powerful than the latest Viper ACR.

Not all of these sports cars are perfect. The incompatibility of the system interferes with the accounting of the history and may have influenced the seller’s decision to leave it without a reserve. However, for the right buyer, this can be an enhanced Viper monster deal.

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