The 1984 Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC emits significant vibrations from the 80s

If you want to have a car reminiscent of the 80s, the 1984 Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC may be on your way.

This is exactly what the 500 SEC has put up for sale Bonhams He has lived in the UK since he was first registered in 1985. It is equipped with a number of Lorisner modifications and is completely white.

The listing this shows that the 500 SEC has spent a lot of time in storage since 2010 and was recently purchased and reused by the seller. As part of the re-use, the paint and interior were renovated.

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The exterior is known as the 737 Classic White and although the paint is not perfect, it looks very good considering the age of the car. White 16-inch wheels and Lorinser’s front and rear valances complement the paint beautifully. The exterior of the car is decorated with various chrome trims, and Mercedes is rocking a set of Riken Road Performance tires installed earlier this year.

Mushroom-colored leather was found in the cabin through the door panels, transmission tunnel and control panel. The vibe of the 1980s includes wood veneer, especially the center console and control panel. As part of the Lorinser upgrade, a four-way Momo steering wheel has also been installed. Although most of the cabin is standard, the car is equipped with a Kenwood KRC-1022D radio / cassette player.

It is an original V8 engine that powers the classic S-Class, which in its time was rated at 2250 hp at 4750 rpm. (170 kW) and was enough to drive the car to a top speed of 140 miles (225 km / h).

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