The 1959 Beetler 1.2 Beetle is more expensive than the new Porsche.

One of the 28 rare 1959 models, the Volkswagen Beutler, will go on sale on July 1.2 and is expected to sell for 80,000 to 120,000 Swiss francs (~ $ 81,000- $ 122,000).

At first glance, you can justify thinking that the Beutler is a complete sports car. However, it is actually based on the famous Volkswagen Beetle and has a completely special appearance made of lightweight aluminum. It is also larger than the beetle, growing from 4.07 meters to 4.35 meters in length. The Beutler is also 5 cm wider than the Beetle.

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The car was born by brothers Fritz and Ernst Beutler and had a starting price of 14,950 CHF ($ 15,260). That’s a lot of money, especially considering that the new Beetle can be purchased at that time for 6,490 CHF ($ 6,624). The Beutler 1.2 was more expensive than the Porsche 356 of the day. Most of the 28 examples retain a standard Beetle engine and transmission, but six of them are equipped with a 1.36-liter capacity of 356.

This unique example was recently commissioned by VW Garage Herzig in Vevei, Switzerland, and is made of light brown metal with a contrasting black ceiling and beige interior. The vehicle changed arms in the late 1990s and was carefully restored during the body removal process.

Beutler 1.2 was painted in the original shade of light brown metal during the restoration, and the roof was painted in dark brown. Both colored interiors were redesigned and mechanical devices were overhauled. The listing The restoration took 11 years and the vehicle has rarely been used since then.

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